IATSOWIS – Track 3: “I Am the Size of What I See”

The 3rd track we would like to feature is the title track from the album.  Hear the track! The line is from “The Book of Disquiet” by Fernando Pessoa and specifically from one of his heteronyms – Alberto Caeiro. This is the “epic poem” on our album, clocking in at 9+ minutes, the track began with some big chords from Miguel, bold, dramatic – they inspired Paul to get busy with percussion patterns and interludes of progressive rock piano. The piece also contains more vocals than the rest of the album – using the Pessoa text and inspiring another year’s worth of exploration for us. While at Obras Art Residencies we invited other artists to speak some of Pessoa’s words to create a melange of voices – Thank you to Ludger, Jessica, Job, Sabine and Youngwha for their contributions!


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